Image by Tim Foster

Sungrown cbg flower, organicly grown and no pestisides. cbg kief. HHC distillate made with only the best cbd isolate.Packed with Boveda terp lockers and in a smell proof bag, resealabe for optimal freshness everytime. Comes in a 5g 1/8 for alittle extra happyness same price more bang for your buck.

Flavor profiles:

Bubble gum: a grandson of the double bubble og. has a vary fruity front with a og in the exhale.

Goats breath: a cousin to the gmo cookies. sweet up front and garlic, onion on the exhale.

Gauva Diesel: no like anything you have ever tasted: sweet and savory up front and diesel exhale.

Pink lemonade: a cross between lemon skunk and strawberry cough. Gives you the strawberry taste up front and citrus exhale for the perfect mix.

Blue Cheese: From a Europe phonotype we got a strain we love. Has a berry up front and a skunk on the Exhale.



HHC flower

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